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    2001: A Look Behind the Future & 2001: The Making of a Myth

    2001: pilk tuleviku telgitagustesse & 2001: müüdi loomine |

    2001: A Look Behind the Future
    Thomas Craven Film Corporation
    USA 1966, 23 min
    In English

    This short documentary takes us onto the set of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, placing particular importance on the science behind the film, and how real-life technological developments in space travel influenced Kubrick’s masterpiece. The film includes footage of Kubrick working on set along with Harry Lange and Fredrick Ordway with an illumating interview with Bowman actor Kier Dullea.

    2001: The Making of a Myth
    Director Paul Joyce
    Great Britain 2001, 60 min
    In English

    Introduced by James Cameron, this documentary takes a look at what gave “2001” its place in the cultural pantheon. Featured are in-depth interviews with a wide range of the film’s contributors, from its cast to those involved with editing, photography, and even technical consultancy.

    The evening will also include an interview with Sir Christopher Frayling, film historian, head of the Royal College of Art in the UK 1996–2009, and chairman of the Arts Council in the UK 2000–2009. He has also been chairman of the UK Design Council and a trustee of the Vicoria and Albert Museum in London.

    Interviewer: Tony Nourmand, renowned world expert on the film industry and movie art. Tony is a co-founder and editor of Reel Art Press publications www.reelartpress.com.

    Thanks: British Council, British Embassy, ReelArtPress