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    A Mere Breath

    Pelgalt hingetõmme |

    Director: Monica Lazurean-Gorgan

    Country: Romania

    Year: 2016

    Length: 65'

    Language: In Romanian, with English subtitles

    Introduction by Filipp Kruusvall.

    Dobrin Sicrea is a devoutly religious man who prays for a miracle to heal his youngest daughter, Denisa, who was born with spina bifida. Dobrin dutifully attends church and hopes for divine intervention, but will his love and devotion save his family, or destroy it?

    This exquisitely crafted documentary charts seven years in the life of Dobrin and his family as their faith – in God and each other – is profoundly tested.

    As years go by, the children grow up and rush to leave home. Dobrin is left only with his wife, his sick daughter and, above all, his faith, which lets him live in the knowledge that one day his youngest daughter will rise to her feet.

    The film was voted the Best Documentary Film at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2016.