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    Alberto Giacometti / Damien Hirst: Thoughts, Work, Life

    Alberto Giacometti / Damien Hirst. Mõtted, töö, elu |

    The film evening is introduced by Eha Komissarov.

    Dir: Ernst Scheidegger
    Switzerland 1966/1985, 50'
    In German with Estonian subtitles

    Ernst Scheidegger is an artist and Giacometti’s life-long friend. Between 1964 and 1966 he made a film that to this day is regarded as the most important film document on Alberto Giacometti.

    Kumu Art Museum displays Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture “The Cage. First version” (194971950) at the exhibition “Critique and Crises. Art in Europe Since 1945”.

    Dir: Chris King
    Great Britain 2012, 38'
    In English with Estonian subtitles

    This film charts the evolution of Hirst’s career, from his time at Goldsmith’s College, London, to his success as an international artist. In an intimate and revealing portrait, Hirst talks openly about his work and discusses the ideas behind his major works. Including documentary material mainly derived from the artist’s own archives, this film gives a rare glimpse into Hirst’s working method.

    Damien Hirst’s “Dead End Jobs” (1993) is currently exhibited in Kumu Art Museum at the exhibition “Critique and Crises. Art in Europe Since 1945”.

    Damien Hirst photos:  Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2013
    Alberto Giacometti photos: Copyright: Photo Ernst Scheidegger © Estate of Ernst Scheidegger