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  • Film programme "Architecture film series"

    W 01.02 Time 00.00

    The series of films on architecture in February is dedicated to the building processes of big cultural objects. Why are scandals, continuous arguments and political games so common while constructing cultural buildings?

    We follow the fate of Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, Oslo Opera House and National Library in Prague.

    Films in the programme:

    08.02 Time 18:00



    Director: Gary Hustwit

    USA, United Kingdom, 2011, 85'

    15.02 Time 18:00

    How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?

    Hr. Foster, kui palju teie maja kaalub?

    Director: Norberto Lopez Amado, Carlos Carcas

    United Kingdom, Spain, 2010, 78'

    22.02 Time 18:00

    Koolhaas HouseLife

    Koolhaas HouseLife

    Director: Ila Bêka, Louise Lemoine

    France, 2008, 58'

    29.02 Time 18:00

    Oscar Niemeyer: Life is a Breath

    Oscar Niemeyer: elu on hingus | Oscar Niemeyer: A Vida É Um Sopro

    Director: Fabiano Maciel

    Brazil, 2007, 90'