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    Awarded Films of the Pärnu Film Festival

    Pärnu Filmifestivali auhinnatud filmid |

    Official website: www.mona.ee

    Introductions by Mark Soosaar and Vaiko Edur

    The Reaper
    Director Gabriel Serra
    Mexico 2013, 29 min
    In Spanish, with English and Estonian subtitles

    Efrain changes live flesh into meat. Hundreds and thousands of bulls and cows lose their lives at Efrain’s hands and are converted to lifeless goods. How long can a person remain human touching blood every day? Efrain has not changed. He is a human being with his philosophy of life and death.
    "The Reaper" is nominated for Oscar in short documentary category .

    Director Ivars Zviedris, Inese Klava
    Latvia 2012, 82 min
    In Latvian, with English and Estonian subtitles

    Inta is a powerful woman who lives alone on the edge of a picturesque marsh. One day, her solitude is intruded upon by the arrival of a filmmaker. In his eyes, Inta is an outstanding would-be film protagonist, but the wild woman would rather put a curse on the intruder than let herself be filmed. But the film-maker’s persistence finally succeeds in melting the ice of Inta’s heart... just for a short while. Through Inta, the film director portrays himself, and also many of his colleagues.