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    Awarded Films of the Pärnu Film Festival

    Pärnu Filmifestivali auhinnatud filmid |


    Dir Anastasia Novikova, Russia 2015, 21 min
    In Russian with English and Estonian subtitles
    Film trailer here.

    Valentin Stepanovich is the sole remaining inhabitant of an abandoned settlement. Only his cellular phone connects him with the outer world...

    Dir Morgan Knibbe, The Netherlands 2014, 74 min
    In different languages with English and Estonian subtitles
    Film trailer here.

    The night is pitch-black, the sea stormy. Wild waves break on a little boat full of refugees, and a girl complains that she does not want to go to Europe. Suddenly an old man falls overboard. In vain he tries to grab hold of the hands that reach to save him. Lightning flashes over a busy city seen from above.

    From that point on, the drowned man sees reality from another dimension. Unconventional and poetic in form, the camera documents a serious social problem: the hopeless situation of refugees who actually manage to make the crossing alive. It follows people on the street who are chased away like dogs, records an illegal worker and a drug-addicted mother and slips inside packed shelters. The voices of all these people blend together, creating a patchwork of loving memories, dreams and burning desires.

    Dir Vahram Mitarjan, Poland, Armenia 2014, 30 min
    In Armenian with English and Estonian subtitles
    Film trailer here.

    In the high mountains of Armenia, the blind shepherd Khachik lives. When it turns out that his only son is losing his sight too and has to move to Yerevan to attend a school for the blind, Khachik faces a dilemma: should he keep on living the life of a humble shepherd, or should he move to the capital city too, to be with his son?

    Many thanks to Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival.