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    Becoming Who I Was

    Saada selleks, kes olin |

    Director: Moon Chang-Yong, Jeon Jin

    Country: South Korea

    Year: 2017

    Length: 95'

    Language: In Hindi, Ladakhi, Tibetian with English subtitles

    Introduction by Sven Gr├╝nberg.

    Padma Angdu is no ordinary boy. In his past life he was a revered Buddhist teacher. Now he is a young child who must learn from Buddhist teachers to prepare his ability to pass on the wisdom from his past incarnation. A village doctor in the isolated highlands of northern India has been working to prepare the young master, but he is not equipped to teach the reincarnate and feels that the boy needs a true master to reach his full potential. Tibet, the center of Buddhist faith and Angdu's homeland, is far from their village, and the conflict with China makes the thought of a trip extremely dangerous. Despite the dangers, Angdu and his mentor set out on foot toward Tibet, joined by ruminations of friendship and the nature of the world.