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    Bill Viola – Experience of the Infinite

    Bill Viola - lõpmatuse kogemus |

    Director: Jean-Paul Fargier

    Country: France

    Year: 2013

    Length: 54'

    Language: In English and French with Estonian subtitles

    Official website: www.billviola.com/

    Introduction by Kai Kaljo.

    A pioneer of video art, Bill Viola never ceases to push the boundarie of realty and the limits of our perceptions. Life, death, transcendence, time space - these are questions that he has chosen to broach through a medium which is always reinventing itself. This film enables us to understand the spiritual journey, the artistic quest and the technological experimentation of one who has been described as a "sculptor of time". He was interviewed by Jean-Paul Fargier in his Los Angeles studio, along with his partner and collaborator Kira Perov. Their words are interwoven with enlightened analyses from seven grat Viola experts: Raymond Bellour, Nadeije Dagen, Anne-Marie Duguet, Alain Fleisher, Jean de Loisy, Valentina Valentini, as well as Jérôme Neutres, co-curator of the Bill Viola survey exhibition at the Grand Palais. Together they offer us the keys to Viola's unique and visionary world.

    Many thanks to Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais