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    Braguino |

    Director: Clément Cogitore

    Country: France

    Year: 2017

    Length: 49'

    Language: In Russian with English subtitles

    Introduction by Filipp Kruusvall.

    In the middle of the Siberian taiga, 450 miles from the nearest village, live two families: the Braguines and the Kilines. Not a single road leads there. A long trip, first on the Ienissei River by boat, then by helicopter, is the only way to reach Braguino. Self-sufficient, both families live there according to their own rules and principles. In the middle of the village there is a barrier. The two families refuse to speak. In the river sits an island, where another community is being built: that of the children. Free, unpredictable and wild. Stemming from the fear of the Other and of wild beasts, and from the joy that grows out of the immensity of the forest, a cruel tale unravels in which tensions and fear give shape to the geography of an ancestral conflict.