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    Christiania. 40 Years of Occupation

    Christiania. 40 aastat hõivamisest |

    Director: Robert Lawson, Richard Jackman

    Country: USA

    Year: 2014

    Length: 76'

    Language: In English

    Introduction by the directors of the film, Robert Lawson and Richard Jackman. Conversation is conducted by architect Marten Kaevats.

    In 1971, hundreds of young people claimed the 85 acres of an abandoned military base in Copenhagen, Denmark. Finding it politically unpopular to evict the young settlers, the Danish government declared Christiania a short-term social experiment. Following 40 years of tense relations with the government, much of it focusing on Christiania’s open hashish trade, Christiania is on its way to becoming a legitimate, though still alternative and self-governed, community. But will legitimacy compromise their fundamental values? “Christiania. 40 Years of Occupation” explores this journey from the varied perspectives of longtime Christiania residents and government and police officials, who have long argued the legality of Christiania’s occupation, while viewing Christiania as a symbol of freedom that they both cherish and fear.

    Trailer: http://vimeo.com/34283192

    Photos taken by Nis Jensen.