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    Citie(s) of Beirut: The Purgatory of Anticipated Ruins

    Beiruti linn(ad): oodatud hävingu puhastustuli |

    Director: Rania Rafei, Jinane Dagher

    Country: Lebanon

    Year: 2014

    Length: 49'

    Language: In Arabic with English subtitles

    Introduction by Laur Kaunissaare and Daniel Urey (Färgfabriken).

    Becoming Beirut or the becoming of Beirut.
    A random citizen passes by a specific street in downtown, at a specific time of the day.
    He looks up and waits for a sign, for a calling, for a visitation.
    A random jogger by the sea looks west and wonders how far he can swim.
    The city mirrors endless cities, in the glasses of broken houses, in the puddles of water after the first rain.
    Someone asking someone: to see Beirut better, should we go up up up? Or should we travel side side side?
    While we seem to be waiting for the calling of the city in the holes of an old ruin. Beirut is becoming. in the space between a suspension and another.
    The asphalt sighs: many you are, mine you are, other you are. A purgatory, a ruin and a mirror.
    Is it possible to become a city?

    Trailer: http://vimeo.com/116857293

    Thanks: Rania Rafei, Jinane Dagher and Färgfabriken (Center for Contemporary Art & Architecture) in Stockholm.