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  • Film programme "Symphonies of the Cities" | W 09.03 Time 18.00

    Cities on Speed - Mumbai Disconnected

    Megalinnad: Mumbai |

    Director: Camilla Nielsson, Frederik Jacobi

    Country: Denmark

    Year: 2009

    Length: 58'

    Language: In English, Hindi and Marathi with Estonian subtitles

    Like a city on steroids, Mumbai is rapidly becoming one of the world's biggest megacities. But it's all happening on a narrow peninsula with an infrastructure on the verge of complete collapse. Every day, 10-12 people die from falling off the overcrowded public trains. On the roads, cars come to a stand-still in serial traffic jams. To make matters worse, the Nano, India's new popular and affordable mini car, has just been launched. Through three interwoven human stories, we meet the people at the frontline of Mumbai's infrastructural battle. One thing is certain: urban planning is not easy in the world's largest democracy!