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    Crests and Troughs: the Life of a Coastal Fisherman

    Elu lainetel | Elu lainetel

    Director: Riho Västrik

    Country: Estonia

    Year: 2011

    Length: 52'

    Language: In Estonian with English subtitles

    Introduction by director Riho Västrik

    The Baltic herring fishing season lasts only one month for coastal fishermen. As authorized catches are to be used collectively by fishermen, each missed hour of fishing is translated into a decrease in income. The fishermen themselves compare the situation to an Olympic running race: once the race is on, there is no mercy until the finish line is crossed. This means that the working day lasts for almost 24 hours. And when the phone finally rings with the news that the quota is exhausted and fishing is to be stopped, the fishermen don’t really know whether to laugh or cry.