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  • Film programme "Days of Himalaya Documentaries"

    Screening 01.09 Time 00.00

    Film directors from different parts of the world have captured exciting scenes from the Himalayas, in an effort to interpret, highlight and solve the problems that arise from the co-existence of different parallel realities.
    20th October 2010 free of charge, 21th October with ticket

    Films in the programme:

    20.10 Time 18:00

    Nomad´s Land - in the Footsteps of Nicolas Bouvier

    Nomaadi maa

    Director: Gaël Métroz

    Switzerland, 2008, 90'

    21.10 Time 18:00

    Little Terrorist

    Väike terrorist

    Director: Ashvin Kumar

    India, 2004, 15'

    21.10 Time 18:15

    The Day My God Died

    Päeval, millal minu Jumal suri

    Director: Andrew Levine

    Nepal, USA, 2003, 70'

    21.10 Time 18:00

    Thin Ice

    Õhuke jää

    Director: Hakan Berthas

    Sweden, 2006, 58'

    21.09 Time 18:00

    Living Goddess

    Elav jumalanna

    Director: Ishbel Whitaker

    Nepal, UK, 2007, 87'