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    Donʼt Blink – Robert Frank

    Donʼt Blink – Robert Frank |

    Director: Laura Israel

    Country: USA, France

    Year: 2015

    Length: 82'

    Language: In English

    Introduction by Toomas Järvet.

    The life and work of Robert Frank, a photographer and film-maker, are so intertwined that they’re one and the same, and the vast amount of territory he’s covered, from The Americans in 1958 up to the present, is intimately registered in his now formidable body of artistic gestures. Since the early ’90s, Frank has been making his films and videos with the brilliant editor Laura Israel, who has helped him to keep them looking home-made and has preserved the illuminating spark of first contact between camera and people/places. Don’t Blink is Israel’s portrait of her friend and collaborator, a lively mix of images, sounds, recollected passages, unfathomable losses and friendships that leaves a fast and fleeting imprint of the life of the Swiss-born man who reinvented himself the American way, and is still standing on a foundation of his own making at the age of 91.