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  • Film programme "Symphonies of the Cities" | W 20.04 Time 18.00

    Dreams in Copenhagen

    Kopenhaageni unistused |

    Director: Max Kestner

    Country: Denmark

    Year: 2009

    Length: 72'

    Language: In Danish with English and Estonian subtitles

    "Dreams in Copenhagen" is Max Kestners's documentary film portrait of Denmark's capital. A film about the physical surroundings that are part of shaping our lives. About the buildings we wake up in, the front doors we walk out of, the streets we traverse. It is also a film about how the way we live our lives affect our physical surroundings. About places we dream of and the walls onto which we scratch the names our loved ones, before it is too late.

    While lovingly profiling the architecture of the Danish capital, Kestner also brings a fascination with how public space is affected by those who live in it; finding his way into back-streets, he lingers over walls onto which people have scratched the names of their loved ones.