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    El Greco

    El Greco | El Greco

    Director: Iannis Smaragdis

    Country: Greece-Spain-Hungary

    Year: 2007

    Length: 117'

    Language: English

    "El Greco" follows the life of the passionate and talented Greek artist Domenikos Theotokopoulos, more commonly known as El Greco. Although renowned for his painting, Greco spent much of his life fighting for his ideals, using the power of his creative expression to overcome injustice.

    Set in the 16th century, El Greco's search for freedom, and love, ranges from the courts of Crete and Venice to Toledo in Spain. Here he is confronted by his greatest adversary the Holy Inquisition. Never backing down in his fight with the establishments of his day El Greco?s story is one of unusual heroism, betrayal, love, and the power of one man and his creative consciousness to stand out and overcome barbarity and ignorance. Centuries later, his great works are still admired for their furious blend of passion and restraint, darkness and light.