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    Films of the XXXI Pärnu Film Festival

    XXXI Pärnu Filmifestivali filmid |

    Introduction by Mark Soosaar and Vaiko Edur.

    Sand Men
    Dir Tal Amiran
    Great Britain 2016, 14 min 
    In Romanian with English and Estonian subtitles
    Neculai, Aurel and Raj all left their homes in Romania for the same reason: to seek better lives for their families. Now, in Britain, with their loved ones depending on them, they survive by creating sand sculptures on London’s streets. They try to find hope in the hardships they endure, while thoughts of their children’s futures keep them going.

    Dead When I Got Here
    XXXI Pärnu Film Festival Great Prize
    Dir Mark Aitken
    Mexico, Great Britain, 2015, 72 min
    In Spanish and English with English and Estonian subtitles
    Compassion and redemption are discovered by a man as he manages a mental asylum run by its patients in Ju?rez, Mexico. The seeds of hope are profoundly brought to life by his daughter in LA, who thought him dead, but finds him during the making of this timeless documentary.
    Grand Prize of the 31st Pärnu Film Festival for the best artistic achievement and a prize from the Kumu Art Museum, Estonia for the best art film.
    Courtesy of Pärnu Film Festival