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    Forgotten Scares: An In-depth Look at Flemish Horror Cinema

    HÕFF esitleb: Unustatud õudused |

    Director: Steve De Roover

    Country: Belgium

    Year: 2017

    Length: 96'

    Language: In Flemish and English with English subtitles

    Introduction by Harry Kümel, the legend of the Flemish horror film. The director is interviewed by Mart Sander. 

    The feature-length documentary “Forgotten Scares: An In-depth Look at Flemish Horror Cinema” goes back to the birth of Flemish horror in the ’70s and shines a bright light on the future of horror in Belgium. The viewer gets a chance to discover long forgotten – and even unfinished – genre gems and to learn in-depth info about underrated “splatter and gore” fests, post-apocalyptic films, slasher films, nazisploitation, women-in-prison and other fantastical Flemish genre benders through the eyes of directors, producers, composers, principal actors and genre experts. “Forgotten Scares: An In-depth Look at Flemish Horror Cinema” is illustrated by rare behind-the-scenes footage, classic film scenes, production stills, promotional art and never before seen videos from the vaults of film-makers.