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    Gerhard Richter Painting

    Maalikunstnik Gerhard Richter |

    Director: Corinna Belz

    Country: Germany

    Year: 2011

    Length: 97'

    Language: In German with English subtitles

    Introduction by Kaido Ole

    Gerhard Richter, one of contemporary art’s most fascinating and elusive masters, the subject of a large-scale 80th birthday retrospective at the Tate Modern in London, in 2011. The film is the chronicle of an exclusive dialogue established between the artist and the director. During a documentary filming in 2007 about the re-creation of a stained-glass window of the Cathedral of Cologne, destroyed in WW2 bombings, Corinna Belz traced an inspired portrait of Richter and offered a glimpse into his studio, where the artist is intent on painting. She engaged in a dialogue with him, his assistants, New York gallerist Marian Goodman and art historian Benjamin H. D. Buchloh. A privileged observer of the creation of a cycle of large abstract paintings executed between the spring and summer of 2009, Corinna Belz approached Richter’s painting by contemplating it during its creation, through stratifications and subtractions of colour, and restored the gestures and words of the artist with images of great intensity.

    Corinna Belz studied philosophy, art history and media sciences in Cologne, Zurich and Berlin. She worked as a TV-producer, scriptwriter, and the director on multiple productions of various genres, such as TV-series and feature-length documentaries. She lives in Cologne.

    Gerhard Richter’s work “Helga Matura with her Fiancé” (1966) is exhibited in Kumu Art Museum at the exhibition “Critique and Crises. Art in Europe Since 1945”.

    German Film Prize 2012 for Best Documentary.

    The film has been brought to you with the generous help from the Goethe Institute.