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    Ghostland: The View of the Ju|'Hoansi

    Vaimude maa |

    Director: Simon Stadler

    Country: Germany

    Year: 2016

    Length: 85'

    Language: In Ju|’Hoansi with English subtitles

    Introduction by Mart Kuusk.

    Remember the culture clash in “The Gods Must Be Crazy”? This time it’s real. One of the most ancient cultures on our planet is undergoing a major change. The Ju/Hoansi Bushmen in Namibia are not allowed to hunt any more and need to merge with our “civilized” lifestyle. For the first time the Ju/Hoansi Bushmen travel beyond the Kalahari and right into the heart of Europe. What starts as a look at their fascinating culture becomes an even more fascinating look at our Western lifestyle. A warm and humorous reflection on our habits through the eyes of people who are about to give up their million-year-old traditions.