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  • Film programme "The Ecstatic Truth of Werner Herzog" | W 04.09 Time 18.00

    Grizzly Man

    Grislimees |

    Director: Werner Herzog

    Country: USA

    Year: 2005

    Length: 103'

    Language: In English

    Introduction by Moonika Siimets.

    “Grizzly Man” tells the story of a young man, Timothy Treadwell, whose infatuation with wild grizzly bears eventually leads to his and his girlfriend’s death.

    Timothy Treadwell spent 13 summers in Katmai National Park and Preserve, in Alaska. Over time, he came to believe that the bears trusted him and would allow him to approach them. The film uses actual footage taken by Treadwell on his last summer expedition to document him in his element, with Herzog providing narration and extra interviews with people close to Treadwell.

    The film has been brought to you with the generous help from the Embassy of the United States.