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  • Film programme "Architecture film series" | W 15.02 Time 18.00

    How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?

    Hr. Foster, kui palju teie maja kaalub? |

    Director: Norberto Lopez Amado, Carlos Carcas

    Country: United Kingdom, Spain

    Year: 2010

    Length: 78'

    Language: In English with Estonian subtitles

    Official website: www.fosterandpartners.com

    The documentary traces the rise of one of the world’s premier architects, Norman Foster and his unending quest to improve the quality of life through design. Portrayed are Foster’s origins and how his dreams and influences inspired the design of emblematic projects such as the largest building in the world Beijing Airport, the Reichstag, the Hearst Building in New York and works such as the tallest bridge ever in Millau France.

    “How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?” is the first feature film focused on the architect Norman Foster and it will be the beginning of a series of productions on the key figures of the art and culture of the XXI century. The film shows Norman Foster’s journey from Manchester to a global practice. It talks about architecture, and why it matters, and how difficult it is to do it well. Norman Foster has rewritten the rules of architecture. His vision and unswerving passion for excellence have created some of the most exceptional structures of our times. Architecture comes alive.