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    If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

    Kui puu langeb |

    Director: Marshal Curry, Sam Cullman

    Country: USA, United Kingdom

    Year: 2011

    Length: 85'

    Language: In English with Estonian subtitles

    Official website: www.ifatreefallsfilm.com/index.html

    Protecting the environment became an inflammable topic in the late 1990s when the Earth Liberation Front was born from protests against massive loggings of age-old forests. Gradually, frustrated by blocking roads and climbing trees, the activists began to set alight sawmills, SUVs and industry offices. Suddenly the media showed interest, but only on 'eco-terrorism'. Merely the property violations gained political significance, nature did not.

    Through the fate of a leading ELF activist, If A Tree Falls shows American democracy in its most twisted form. Conflicts are buried in bureaucracy. In the crossfire of activists, plaintiffs, police in riot gear and district attorneys, legislators and politicians are far out of sight. The film skilfully remains on a grey area. When everyone is both right and wrong, the big issue slowly catches light: what are the chances of democracy?