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    Inspiration / The Moon Hunter

    Inspiratsioon / Jüri |

    Introduction by Arko Okk.

    Dir Valdur Himbek; cameraman: Jüri Sillart
    Tallinnfilm 1971, 30 min

    A film about the talented young ballet master and soloist Ülo Vilimaa.

    Dir Julia Sillart, Estonia 2015, 55 min
    In Estonian with English subtitles

    He was the last expressionist of the cinema in the USSR. A portrait film of a man who served and developed the art of cinematography. The man for whom cinema was not only a profession but also gave meaning to his life. The film is about Jüri Sillart (1943–2011).

    Many thanks: Acuba film, Arko Okk, Kaspar Kallas, Eesti Filmi Instituut