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    Jeremy Deller: Middle Class Hero - Culture Show Special

    Jeremy Deller. Keskklassi kangelane |

    Director: Jack Cocker

    Country: Great Britain

    Year: 2012

    Length: 59'

    Language: In English

    Introduction to the film by art historian Ellu Maar.

    Turner Prize winner (2004) Jeremy Deller (b. 1966) is one of Britain’s most unconventional artists. He doesn’t draw, sculpt or paint and didn’t go to art school, but his work has done more to push the boundaries of art than any other artist of his generation. Best known for his collaborative projects with striking miners, brass bands, and pop fans, the documentary follows this fascinating man as he revisits some of his major works to date.
    In 2013, he represented Great Britain at the Venice Biennial.

    Many thanks to British Council.