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    Jheronimus Bosch – Touched by the Devil

    Hieronymus Bosch – saatanast puudutatud |

    Director: Pieter van Huystee

    Country: Netherlands

    Year: 2015

    Length: 82'

    Language: In Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian with English subtitles

    Introduction by Greta Koppel.

    Over the course of five years the research team travelled the world, visiting such museums as the Louvre, the Prado and the National Gallery of Art in Washington to make an in-depth analysis of Bosch’s paintings. By using modern techniques, such as X-ray, infrared photography and multi-spectrum analysis, they allow us to penetrate into the deeper layers of his paintings, thus helping the audience to look at the works of Bosch with new eyes.

    The research raises the question of whether all of the works are really painted by Bosch. The museum world is waiting anxiously for the results. Is their Bosch a real Bosch? In addition, the Noordbrabants Museum is organizing the largest exhibition to date of the works of the medieval painter in 2016 in Den Bosch, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Bosch's death. The museum has played a political chess game to get as many paintings as possible into the exhibition. The Prado owns several masterpieces and will organize their own exhibition on “El Bosco”. Will the Noordbrabants Museum manage to bring the masterpieces first to the Netherlands?