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    Jimmy Rosenber - The Father, The Son and The Talent

    Jimmy Rosenberg - isa, poeg ja talent |

    Director: Jeroen Berkvens

    Country: The Netherlands

    Year: 2006

    Length: 78'

    Language: In Dutch and English

    The dramatic story of a sensitive and fragile musician, universally hailed by the critics. When he is only twelve years old, and hardly able to reach all the strings of his gypsy jazz guitar, it is already expected that Jimmy will take up the legacy of guitar legend Django Reinhardt. Not long after he is playing alongside the likes of St├ęphane Grappelli, Les Paul and George Benson. But after performing internationally and signing a huge contract with Sony, things start to go wrong. Within ten years he has no fixed home, staying most of the time with his mother and two confused brothers on a remote farm. He hasn't seen his three small children for years because neither of the mothers will let him come near them. His notorious drug addiction has dragged a trail of destruction through his life. His father, who has just been released from prison on a murder conviction, wants desperately to help his prodigal son. But will Jimmy Rosenberg, who played Carnegie Hall in front of the world's most famous guitarists, ever reclaim the title he was given as a child: Django's heir? Despite his destructive lifestyle, his skill at playing guitar with speed and precision seems only to grow. But will this gift be enough to allow him to escape from his own past?