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  • Film programme "The Ecstatic Truth of Werner Herzog" | W 08.05 Time 18.00

    La soufrière / Lessons of Darkness

    La soufrière – vältimatu katastroofi ootuses / Pimeduse õppetunnid |

    Introduction by Riho Västrik.

    La soufrière
    Germany 1976, 31 min
    Dir: Werner Herzog
    DoP: Jörg-Schmidt Reitwein, Ed Lachmann, Ed: Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus
    In German with English subtitles

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    Summer 1976: A volcano on the French Caribbean island Guadeloupe threatens to unleash a devastating eruption. The islanders have been evacuated. Werner Herzog and his team stay behind to film disaster – and wait in vain for the eruption.

    Lessons of Darkness
    Germany, France 1992, 52 min
    Dir: Werner Herzog
    DoP: Paul Berriff, Ed: Rainer Standke, Music: Edvard Grieg, Gustav Mahler, Sergei Prokofjev, Richard Wagner
    In German with English subtitles

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    When the First Gulf War ended, Herzog traveled twice to Kuwait with a small crew in order to film the wounds, traces, and scars of what happened. He juxtaposes dramatic images of burning oil wells with the watchful eyes of an alien on his first visit to Earth. A requiem on the destiny of our planet, taking the consequences of the Gulf War as a point of departure.

    The films have been brought to you with the generous help from the Goethe Institute.