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    Lecture and Film about Tadeusz Kantor 2

    Loeng ja film Tadeusz Kantorist 2 | Loeng ja film tadeusz Kantorist

    At 16.30 lecture: 

    Jaroslaw Suchan,  art historian, director of  Łódzi Artmuseum. 
    "Kantor as Gesamtkunstwerke"

    Polish art historian and director of the Łódz Art Museum Jarosław Suchan will speak about the connections of Tadeusz Kantor’s activity in fine arts and in theatre, and their connections in turn with Kantor’s personal biography. Jarosław Suchan argues that Kantor’s oeuvre cannot be separated into distinctive spheres, and should be seen as Gesamtkunstwerke instead.

     In Polish, translation into Estonian

    At 18.00 film:
    "Kantor is Here" / "Kantor ist da"
    Dir: Dietrich Mahlow
    Germany 1968, 46 min
    In German, Estonian subtitles

    A documentary about Tadeusz Kantor, Polish avant-gardist and theatre reformer. The documentary focuses on Kantor’s happenings and his Happening Theatre. Kantor is portrayed as a man who is constantly moving and changing.