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  • Film programme "The Ecstatic Truth of Werner Herzog" | W 06.03 Time 18.00

    Little Dieter Needs To Fly

    Väike Dieter tahab lennata |

    Director: Werner Herzog

    Country: Germany, UK, France

    Year: 1997

    Length: 71'

    Language: In English with Russian subtitles

    Introduction by Kaur Kallas.

    A chronicle of the dramatic and extraordinary adventures of Dieter Dengler, a German pilot who joined the US Air Force. During a mission in Laos, his plane crashed and he was captured and held prisoner along with other American soldiers. After managing to escape, he had to face an exhausting trek through the jungle before being led to safety just as he was about to give out. 

    The film has been brought to you with the generous help from the Goethe Institute.