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    Look a Little More. Katja Novitskova's Art in Six Episodes

    Lähemal vaatlusel. Kuus episoodi Katja Novitskova kunstist |

    Director: Piibe Kolka

    Country: Estonia

    Year: 2018

    Length: 45'

    Language: In Estonian and English, with subtitles

    While Katja Novitskova's personal exhibition "If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eyes. Stage 2" is open at Kumu Art Museum, the film about her recent creative and exhibition projects will premiere at Kumu Documentary. The camera and the film maker, microphones and voice recorder create alternative perspectives lasting for seventeen seconds, which is the measured average time spent on art viewing. How do installations and sculpture relate to the physical and conceptual context? What is happening inside of the art works, between them and in relation to other – mechanical, animal and human – bodies?
    Producer: Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center
    Supported by: Outset Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and IM Computers