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    Looking for Jesus

    Otsides Jeesust | Looking for Jesus

    Director: Katarzyna Kozyra

    Country: Poland

    Year: 2018

    Length: 70'

    Language: In English

    Official website: katarzynakozyra.pl/prace/looking-for-jesus/

    Introduction by art scientist Triin Tulgiste.

    “Looking for Jesus” is the latest project by the Polish artist Katarzyna Kozyra, whose starting point was information about the “Jerusalem Syndrome”, an acute delusional disorder which was first reported by medical professionals in the 2nd half of the 20th century. After visiting the Holy Land, people afflicted with the syndrome start to identify with Biblical characters: usually with the Messiah. To date, the artist has visited Jerusalem several times in order to find those who in the early 21st century believe themselves to be Jesus. The first journey took place in 2012. The result is over 100 hours of video footage of interviews and pictures of the city which serves as a backdrop for religious rituals, for people of various faiths, denominations and colours, and for Messiahs who try to convince the artist they are miraculous and genuine, surrounding themselves with colourful crowds of pilgrims and locals. Kozyra encounters incredible personalities. Each of her characters has a fascinating story, and all of them combined constitute a project presenting ways and means of carrying out faith, its place and role in today’s world, and values on which we build our reality.

    Free of charge