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    Maailmafilm presents: Miracle Makers

    Maailmafilm esitleb: Imedele pĆ¼hendatud |

    Director: Luciana Kaplan, Andrea Alvarez

    Country: Mexico

    Year: 2004

    Length: 52'

    MIRACLE MAKERS is a 60 minutes documentary film about the exvoto tradition in Mexico. and the work of the painter Alfredo Vilchis . Exvotos are small tin paintings made to relate miracle experiences and to thank the divine force (a virgin or a saint) that made it possible. Exvotos are a a very ancient tradition of religious art and they are very few exvoto painters left. One of the most important and unique ones is Alfredo Vilchis from Mexico City, Alfredo Vilchis and his clients will open a window to Mexican religious life and devotion, the world of the sanctuaries where exvotos are left, the different saints people devoted their life too and the ways people have to express their faith when they are in despair. A man without a leg, a survivor from Mexico City most terrible earthquake, a bullfighter and an ex- alcoholic suicide woman walks us to the heart of Mexican beliefs all painted with the mastership and sense of humor of this popular "retablero".