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    Make Me Think - Bruce Nauman

    Pane mind mõtlema - Bruce Nauman |

    Director: Heinz Peter Schwerfel

    Country: USA, Great Britain, Germany, France

    Year: 1997

    Length: 70'

    Language: English

    The documentary „Make Me Think”, made in the New York MoMa, the Hamburg Kunsthalle, the Zürich Kunsthaus as well as in Stockholm, Paris and Schaffhausen, is a slow feeling forward into the work and the world of one of the most important and influential artists of the past forty years. The film takes the spectator along on a journey into the artistic universe of Bruce Nauman whose work right across all its shapes and sizes explores the great eternal themes of human existence such as fear, love, loneliness, sex and death.
    Nauman who lives in seclusion in New Mexico employs all varieties of media. He invented video performance and neon sculpture but also works with photography, plaster, bronze or drawings. Along with interviews of Joan Simon, Robert Storr, Joseph Kosuth and Leo Castelli, the film leads back to Nauman’s early sphere of film projections and conveys detailed excerpts form aggressive video installations such as „Clown-Torture” or „Anthro/Socio” and shows the artist directing the video sculpture „Violent Incident” played by professional actors.
    The film-maker and art critic Heinz Peter Schwerfel directed numerous portraits among which are films on Rebecca Horn, Georg Baselitz, Jochen Gerz, Jeff Koons, Jannis Kounellis or Alex Katz.