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    Marathon Boy

    Maratonipoiss |

    Director: Gemma Atwal

    Country: UK, India

    Year: 2010

    Length: 90'

    Language: In English and Hindi

    MARATHON BOY is a documentary of an Indian boy who was only a few years ago the favourite of world media. At the age of three he was the youngest marathon runner in the world. But the wholestory was fast to take the taste of tabloid media, where everyone who were in one way or the other connected to Budhia Singh where fighting with each other and the fate had more in store …

    Documentary is filmed in real life over five years – director Gemma Atwal participates in Budhia’s activities, talks to those close to him, his mother and representatives of public authority. All claim to act in Budhia’s interests. And Budhia’s wishes depend on who he lives with at the moment. What is in his interests and who actually stands for his interests? Is coach Biranchi Das exploiting him to live his own dreams through Budhia or does he really care for him? What are the motives of Budhia’s mother?

    Film has many shocking scenes. After the authority has prohibited Budhia from running on a marathon, Das and his accomplices make a plan whereby Budhia runs … no-no, walks … on the next marathon. Constantly confusing walking and running, they smirk sarcastically, content that they are over playing the authority. Or the scene where Budhia, after running the marathon in record time, is soaked in sweat and dehydrated, is disoriented and carelessly dragged around.

    Many thanks to British Council.