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    Mies on Scene: Barcelona in Two Acts

    Kaadris on Mies: Barcelona kahes vaatuses |

    Director: Xavi CampreciĆ³s, Pep Martin

    Country: Spain

    Year: 2018

    Length: 57'

    Language: In Spanish, English, Catalan and German, with English subtitles

    Official website: https://www.miesonscene.com/

    The Barcelona Pavilion, the masterpiece through which Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich staged their revolutionary ideas in 1929, changed the history of architecture forever. It only existed for eight months but paradoxically its image remained alive in the minds of generations of architects around the world, becoming one of their greatest influences.

    The pavilion is still surrounded by myths and mysteries that this documentary addresses. It frames the building in a portrait in two acts: the Barcelona that made possible its construction in 1929, and the Barcelona that undertook its reconstruction in 1986. The documentary immerses us in reflection on the transformative capacity of art, the emotional perception of space and the concept of the masterpiece. 

    Thank you: Spanish Embassy in Estonia