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    Mr Gaga

    Mr Gaga |

    Director: Tomer Heymann

    Country: Israel, Germany, Sweden

    Year: 2015

    Length: 100'

    Language: In Hebrew and English, with English subtitles

    Introduction by Arolin Raudva, who has participated in the workshops of Ohad Naharin.

    Ohad Naharin is one of the most prominent, innovative and productive choreographers in the world. The film follows Naharin as he travels through Japan, Holland, Sweden and Israel, and through uncompromising work with dancers. The film offers a unique portrait of the 60-year old artist at the most critical point of his personal life.

    This documentary chronicles the life and work of the modern dance choreographer Ohad Naharin, offering a glimpse of the artistic genius' creative process.

    The film-maker Tomer Heymann, who has known Ohad Naharin for more than 20 years, spent eight of those making this documentary. In the process, he interviewed Naharin's friends, dancers and colleagues. He also filmed rehearsals at the Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, where the sinuous Ohad Naharin has been the artistic director and choreographer since 1990. Naharin himself speaks of his early kibbutz childhood, his late introduction to dance, a brief spell at Martha Graham's company, his adored wife, and his work, including the creation of his own movement language, Gaga. This richness of Naharin's life-story is further amplified by stunning dance excerpts from his explosive, hypnotic and stylish productions.