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  • Film programme "Nordic Look"

    Screening 01.05 Time 00.00

    Nordic Look 2012 will highlight the problems of architecture and urban space at various events held from 15-30 May, which will lead to discussions and create opportunities for closer cooperation between Estonia and the Nordic countries in this area.  On the occasion, Kumu Documentary shows films on architecture connected with Northern countries.

    Films are brought to the public with the help of Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia, Embassy of Sweden,  Embassy of Finland in Tallinn, Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of Denmark, Estonia and Estonian Centre of Architecture.

    Films in the programme:

    16.05 Time 18:00

    The Desert Castle

    Kõrbeloss | Ørkenslottet

    Director: Eirin Gjorv

    Norway, 2007, 55'

    28.05 Time 18:00

    A Time of Roses

    Rooside aeg | Ruusujen aika

    Director: Risto Jarva

    Finland, 1969, 108'

    23.05 Time 18:00

    Bruno is Back

    Bruno on tagasi | Bruno is Back

    Director: Jesper Wachtmeister

    Sweden, 2001, 56'

    30.05 Time 18:00

    My Playground

    Minu mänguväljak

    Director: Kaspar Astrup Schröder

    Denmark, 2009, 51'