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    Opening in Moscow / Kitchen Debate

    Avamine Moskvas / Köögiväitlus |

    Many thanks to: Embassy of the United States

    Dir: D.A. Pennebaker
    USA 1959, 45'
    In English with Estonian subtitles

    The documentary Opening in Moscow will be screened in connection with the Fashion and the Cold War exhibition in Kumu Art Museum. The film’s images travel through Khrushchev-era Moscow and take the viewer to the opening of the American exhibition in Sokolniki Park on 24 July 1959. 

    NBC, USA 1959, 18'
    In English and Russian with Estonian subtitles

    The second film is the television recording of the legendary verbal clash between Richard Nixon and Nikita Khrushchev, which the world knows as the “kitchen debate”.

    Photo:  Thomas J. O'Halloran, USA Library of Congress