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    Pärnu International Film Festival presents

    Pärnu Filmifestivali auhinnatud filmid |

    Film introductions by Mark Soosaar.

    "Cattle Camp"
    Dir: Alijan Nasirov, Kyrgystan 2010, 28 min
    In Kyrgyz with English subtitles

    Everyday life of a Kyrgyz shepherd family, living in highlands. A place where only wolves, yaks and very strong human beings can survive. Torn from the delights of civilization and illnesses of the vanity, they live in harmony with nature. It nourishes their self-sufficiency. Are people happy without cars, shops and electricity?

    "Soul Birds"
    Dir: Thomas Riedelsheimer, Germany 2009, 90 min
    In German with English and Estonian subtitles

     For 15-year old Pauline, 10-year old Richard and 6-year old Lenni, life means something very special. They suffer from leucemia and they are facing death. Pauline writes poems, Richard knows everything about his disease and Lenni´s charm fills any room. Three strong young people with all their plans, hopes, triumphs and defeats. An unusual cinematic approach to a situation that is not all about the disease but instead the search for life’s energy and power.