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    Pärnu International Film Festival presents: Kusum

    Pärnu Rahvusvahelise Dokumentaal- ja Antropoloogiafilmide Festival esitleb: Kusum |

    Director: Jouko Aaltonen

    Country: Finland

    Year: 2000

    Length: 70'

    Kusum is an ordinary 14-year-old Indian girl. She lives in Delhi, goes to school and thinks about her future. Until she falls ill. Kusum stops eating, isolates herself and has severe fits of bad temper. Evil spirits have attacted the family, says Bhagat, an experienced healer. The family seeks help from western medicine but eventually turns to traditional spiritual healing under Bhagat. It´s the start of a long road and the spirits are not easy opponents…

    KUSUM is a moving film about one family´s fight against misfortune, difficult conditions and illness. Kusum´s story helps us understand many things that are considered mystical. Don´t families the world over have similar problems? Ultimately, aren´t evil spirits just another name for what we know as psychiatric problems? Or is it all about faith and something supernatural? What is wrong with Kusum and what heals her are questions that remain for the viewer to decide.