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    Predictions of Fire

    Põlengu ettekuulutus |

    Director: Michael Benson

    Country: Slovenia, USA

    Year: 1995

    Length: 90'

    Language: In Slovenian with Estonian and English subtitles

    Introduction by Ellu Maar

    The documentary accompanies the exhibition IRWIN. Construction of the Context on 4th floor, B wing of Kumu Art Museum. Predictions of Fire is a revealing study of the controversial and internationally acclaimed Slovenian arts collective NSK – Neue Slovenische Kunst – , as seen through the lens of 20th century Central European history. In addition to the painting group IRWIN, NSK members are also the musical collective Laibach, Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre, etc. This visually arresting film offers a portrait of a culture suspended between East and West. Predictions of Fire documents the NSK collective, positioning their work within the history of ex-Yugoslavia, and offers surprising insight into the Yugoslav conflict and the ongoing trauma experienced by generations of Eastern Europeans raised in totalitarian regimes.

    Trailer: http://vimeo.com/33028456