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    Prize-winning films from the Pärnu Film Festival

    Pärnu Filmifestivali auhinnatud filmid |

    Introductions by Mark Soosaar and Vaiko Edur

    Dir: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Finland 2012, 15 min
In Finnish with English and Estonian subtitles

    Best experimental film

    “I’ve never been in love with any of the men in my life. I don’t know what love is,” confesses an aged woman, looking back on her life. The rug dolls by the artist Pauliina Turakka Purhonen appear on screen instead of the protagonist, who didn’t want to expose her real face.

    Dir: Ivan Golovnjov
    Russia 2012, 26 min
In Russian with English and Estonian subtitles

    Best film on the survival of indigenous peoples

    In remote and nearly extinct places of Siberian taiga, a traditional lifestyle of native Khanty and Nenets people has still preserved. However, the oil industry has their own interests for this area.

    Dir: Cristian Soto, Catalina Vergara
Chile 2013, 90 min
In Spanish with English and Estonian subtitles

    The Festival Grand Prix

    A poetic art documentary, shot in a nursing home. Elderly men and women understand well that they have arrived in the last station of their lives. Despite overwhelming sadness, the filmmakers have captured a lot of beauty in the farewell situation.