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    Richard Hamilton - Slip it To Me

    Richard Hamilton - Slip it To Me |

    Director: Jörg & Ralf Raimo Jung

    Country: Germany

    Year: 2003

    Length: 43'

    Language: In english with estonian subtitles

    Richard Hamilton, born in London in 1922, is one of England’s most important living artists. He is acknowledged as the founding father of Pop Art, one of the most significant art movements of the post-war period. As long ago as the 1950s, Hamilton was introducing the ubiquitous images of mass culture and advertising into art, along with the newly developed technologies of the 20th century. With expansive installations in which he used a whole variety of media, he offered a provocative and sarcastic look at the forms that the affluent society might take in the future. From then on, the manipulative potential of the media never let him go. Today he is engaged – logically enough – with computer-generated pictures. The major retrospective at the Museum Luwig in Cologne from 12 July to 9 November 2003, a joint venture with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, is devoted to the development of his work from the 1940s right up to the present day. For the first time in ten years, his best-known pictures have been brought together in one place from all over the world, some 160 works on every topic with which Hamilton has intensively concerned himself over the years, including reconstructions of his legendary exhibitions ”Growth and Form” (1951) and ”This Is Tomorrow” (1956). At that time Hamilton’s ironic collage ”Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?” was already anticipating the most important elements of Pop Art.
    The retrospective at the Museum Ludwig provides the occasion for a comprehensive review of Richard Hamilton’s career and artistic development. The portrait centres on a visit to the artist’s studio, a lengthy interview, and a collage of historical material.