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    Roger D’Astous

    Roger D’Astous |

    Director: Etienne Desrosiers

    Country: Canada

    Year: 2016

    Length: 103'

    Language: In English and French with English subtitles

    Introduction by the director Etienne Desrosiers, interviewed by the architecture historian Jarmo Kauge.

    Roger D’Astous (1926–1998), a student of Frank Lloyd Wright's, worked all of his life to create a special Canadian Nordic architecture. A starchitect of the sixties, he fell from grace before rising again at the dawn of the century. Along with the Chateau Champlain Hotel (1967), pavillions at Expo ’67, and the Athletes Housing Complex for the 1976 Olympic Games, his residences and churches were quite striking creations. He took design risks and placed great emphasis on interior treatments, which he thought should evoke a feeling of protection in the same manner as exteriors. His residences feature large slanted panels with roofs often sloping downward to ground level. The unpredictable lines of his architecture intersect with their natural surroundings. An epic journey with a modern architecture giant, one of the most important Canadian architects of the twentieth century.

    Courtesy of: Etienne Desrosiers, K-Films Amérique, Office of the Canadian Embassy in Tallinn