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    Juured | Gyökerek

    Director: István Gaál

    Country: Hungary

    Year: 1999

    Length: 180'

    Gyökerek is a three-parts masterpiece. As to genre, it does not yet have one. It itself creates its own genre. It is a complete review of Bartók's personal and artistic development, without a word of commentary uttered: only pictures, music and the words the composer himself wrote in his letters and studies.
    (K.Csala, in The Hungarian Quaterly, Spring  2002)

    The fact that no other witnesses are called - and in particular that there are no talking heads on screen - gives the film a quite unusual visual calm. It also suggests the emotional isolation in which Bartók seems to have lived. 
    (P. Griffiths, in The Hungarian Quaterly, Spring 2002)