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  • Film programme "Symphonies of the Cities" | W 02.03 Time 18.00

    Symphony of the City

    Linnas├╝mfoonia: Helsingi |

    Director: Heikki Ahola

    Country: Finland

    Year: 1995

    Length: 59'

    In the late 1920s a wave of city symphonies swept over the world. Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro... Cinematic interpretations were made of every self-respecting metropolis. Over 60 years later, film students at the
    University of Art and Design Helsinki had a brilliant idea: let's make one about Helsinki. Their film crews explored the city, documenting its inhabitants, their chores and celebrations, joys and sorrows.
    Heikki Ahola has brilliantly orchestrated the diverse material into an enjoyable ensemble, a melange of varied themes, comparable to the best of symphonies. The star of the film, the city of Helsinki, pulsates with life around the clock like a living organism. Tuomas Kantelinen's music, composed specifically for this purpose, crowns the experience. "Symphony of the City" is also a documentary about the mid 1990s, a glimpse into what is now inevitably history, which adds another layer of interest to it.