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    The Ashes of Pasolini

    Pasolini tuhk | Le Ceneri Di Pasolini

    Director: Alfredo Jaar

    Country: USA

    Year: 2009

    Length: 38'

    Language: In Italian with English subtitles

    ”The ashes of Pasolini” is an homage to one of the most extraordinary Italian intellectuals, Pier Paolo Pasolini, killed mysteriously in 1975. He was a poet, a journalist, a director, fully and deepely involved into the political and cultural debate. Alfredo Jaar explores Pasolini’s critical and poetic research on the subject of awareness. Pasolini’s words, taken from various interviews and documentaries, appear extraordinarily prophetic for the social and political reality of contemporary Italy.
    Pasolini was a complete intellectual whose free voice is today missed, a fearless man who took his risks, broke the rules and died because of fear.
    Alfredo Jaar says ” It is unclear who killed him but for me it always been clear why: it was because of fear. Fear of his voice, fear of his life style, fear of his ideas…”
”The Ashes of Pasolini” was previewed at the 2009 Venice Biennale as part of the exhibition The Fear Society - Pabellón de la Urgencia at the Arsenale Novissimo.

    Alfredo Jaar (born in Chile 1956) is an architect, artist and filmmaker who lives and works in New York. He has created more than 50 “public interventions” around the world, has participated in all significant contemporary art biennials at least once: Venice ( 1986, 2007, 2009); Kwngju (1995, 2000); Sydney (1990); Johannesburg (1997); Istanbul (1995); Sao Paulo (1987, 1989) and in Kassel Documenta (1987, 2002).