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    The Chinese Mayor

    Hiina linnapea |

    Director: Zhou Hao

    Country: China

    Year: 2014

    Length: 86'

    Language: In Mandarin with English subtitles

     Introduction by social and economic policy analyst Liisi Karindi.

    Though it was once the capital of Imperial China, little of Datong's former glory remains. It's now the most polluted city in the country, the consequence of a now-declining mining industry. Mayor Geng wants to reverse its fortunes, but this involves relocating over half a million residents. Not everyone supports his vision. Undeterred, he sets out to rebuild the ancient walls and create a tourist attraction. A party conformist who reads Buddhist scriptures, the surprising mayor wins over the community – and the viewer. A Special Jury Award winner at the Sundance Film Festival, this captivating behind-the-scenes look at today's China is from Zhaoqi Films, the same company that produced the festival favourites Last Train Home (2010) and Fallen City (2013).